Noodle Zone

Noodle Zone offers the ďAuthentic Chinese CuisineĒ. Focus is on quality and consistency of serving the authentic Chinese food to all our patrons.Varieties of soup increasing your appetite consists Man chow, Hot & sour, Sweet Corn, Tom yum, Thupka and many more. Hakka Noodle to Singapore Noodles all are yummy and tummy filling. Our ĎDancing WokĒ will cover all the taste budís from Black Bean Sauce, Hot Garlic Sauce, Sweet & Sour, Schezwan, Oyster Garlic Sauce, Ginger garlic Soya with vegetables, chicken, Lamb, Fish and Prawns. Donít forget to try our Fried Ice Cream in the dessert menu along with Date pan Cake and Chinese Chocolate Fudge. With the trained kitchen and counter staff this Chinese eatery brings smile on your face with mouthwatering food and experience

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We are privileged to boast the great many years of service and expertise our team offers at MKS Foods . Our devoted kitchen strength, have been the backbone of the company. Utilising their experience to train the new additions to our family, they have kept the standard and trademark that is MKS Foods.
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Food has become the cornerstone of many lifestyles. In the corporate world, creating the right atmosphere with the right cuisine has fast gained popularity. You can also gain access to information and consulting services with regards to the food you serve in your organization, or at different organizational events.
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Fast food franchises are an excellent opportunity to find a unique niche within the food franchise industry. Many of these business opportunities offer a variety of specialty convenience foods from desserts and healthy sandwiches to ethnic favorites like Chinese and Indian food, and traditional.
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The obesity epidemic in the India doesnít seem like itís going to get any better any time soon. Part of that is probably because bad food keeps getting more delicious, and the other part is because itís getting cheaper.
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Specialty buns and breading will be hot at restaurants in 2013 ó which is being dubbed the Year of the Bun. The industry publication Fast Food Business has gone on record declaring that 2013 will be the Year of the Bun. Why the focus on breading,
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